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Clarence Peters sleeps with video vixens – Pretty Mike reveals

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Lagos big boy, Pretty Mike decided to open his mouth wide and what came out of it was all shades of shocking. He called out music video directors who sleep with video vixens, one of which is Clarence Peter. On IG, he wrote;
Top directors like @Clarenceshotit, @unlimitedla, @Paul_Gambit over the years have been known to take advantage of girls. They’re the top womanizers having the record of sleeping with the most vixens. Rumor has it that Clarence Peters recently had a party with two popular video vixen besties, all in the name of more Exposure, lead roles, etc.”
“@opeyemeee who is one of the Industry top middle man has slept with almost every girl he has promoted or recommended for a job and uses this to promise them more jobs. @omobonike is another known handler whi takes advantage of most of these vixens who can’t successfully get a job on their own.”
The vixens share the same men as @Queennerfatiti1 and @princesshyngle posted recently and exposed the lifestyle of most of these girls. To maintain their luxurious lifes, most of them recycle the same men of which I used to be a victim.”